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Health Bridges International (HBI) - Emergency Response Together

In 2017 we began a partnership with Health Bridges International (HBI), whose mission is to “facilitate sustainable improvements in the health of underserved communities through advocacy, collaboration, and service.” HBI is committed to changing the world through partnerships and collaboration, training healthcare professionals, connecting resources with need, serving as consultants, and leading outreach trips. They provide a range of services from medical professional training in basic and advanced life support, to care coordination for children with complex needs, to building centers of excellence in public health and research.

In partnership with New York City based Northwell Health, the City of Arequipa Regional Bomberos
Organization, and the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), HBI is leading the development of a
sustainable first responder training program. Utilizing the train-the- trainer model, HBI and partners are
delivering a three-year pilot program to train firefighters (Bomberos) to provide consistent and standardized
emergency medical assessment and care in a series of select volunteer firehouses in the City of Arequipa, Peru.

Using the train-the- trainer method and an adapted USAID curriculum allows for scaling of trainings to other
geographic areas throughout the country. ECHO is supporting evaluation capacity for this project, and we are
thrilled to have the opportunity to support this exciting work!


To learn more about the ongoing activities of the Emergency Response Together project and get involved,

contact                                     and check out their             and        .

Since 2017, our partnership has grown and our relationship with HBI has grown stronger as we participate in their other programs for childhood anemia, medically fragile children, and other clinical impact efforts.

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