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To enhance access to medical care by supporting and establishing evidence-based training, infrastructure, and direct service in diverse environments.


Work with other groups to find common goals and resources. 

Develop workforce training programs, academic opportunities, and evidence based
practice research in Emergency Medicine.

Supplement existing health systems and work to expand their reach and impact.


We embrace the principles of human rights, accountability, and transparency. We aim to be an efficient and compassionate organization. 


Our team is all volunteer, and dedicated to volunteer service ever since we met at the New Paltz Rescue Squad!

Jaden Harris, MA

Executive Director


Melissa Hazlitt, MD, MDY

Program Director


Justin Thomson, BSN, RN, BA

Education Director


Evan Burawa, BS

Bioinformatics Director

Jenny Doyle, NP, MPH, AAHIVS

Operations Director


Joseph Felice, MD, EMT-P

Medical Director


Sean Mullen, BSN, RN, BA

Finance Director


Our advisory committee serves as a source of expert guidance and program support. Thank you to our 2020 advisors for everything!

Roger Zoorob, MD, MPH, FAAFP   

Will Kneerim, BA   

Anna Rountree, MA   

Tanja Zanin, MD, MPH  

Kristin Anderson,  M.Ed   

Maria Mejia de Grubb, MD, MPH   

Season Harris, MSW, LMSW   

Joan Newell, MTS   

J. Zachary Porterfield, MD, PhD   

Julia Toman, MD   

Sarah Eastman, MD, MA   

Ravi Gupta, MD   

Rusha Patel, Pharm.D., BCPS   

Anand Selvam, MD, DTM&H   

Karen Falkenstein, RN, MPH   

Lisa Sander, MD

Marco Ramos, PhD

Martin Zanin, MS

Minoo Sarkarati, MD

Fereshteh Ganjavi, BA

Amanda Wood, MA

Rachel Whitney, MD

Dany Katerin Aslla Sucasaire, EMT-P

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